COCO MADEMOISELLE Parfum Grand Extrait

Product code: LP0096
Brand: Chanel



A fresh, modern, floral-woody scent that recalls the irrepressible spirit of a young Coco Chanel. The Parfum, the purest, most potent expression of fragrance, is presented here in its rarest, most collectible form—a deluxe, limited-edition grand flacon. A treasure for the parfum connoisseur and fragrance collector alike.

The majestic faceted glass bottle—cut like a monumental diamond and sealed by the art of baudruchage—is nestled in a white-satin-lined, artisan-crafted case that protects and encloses the legendary scent.

Carried out by hand, baudruchage consists of covering the neck of the bottle with a fine membrane, which is held in place by a strand of white pearl-cotton thread, then sealed with a black wax stamp.


Rich and voluptuous, yet also incredibly fresh and light. Sparkling orange notes precede a sensual heart of May rose and jasmine, heightened by a touch of precious iris from Florence.

Art of perfuming

The Parfum is the quintessence of a fragrance, with its own specific application. Mademoiselle’s advice was to apply it “wherever you would like to be kissed.” Using the faceted cabochon or the tip of the index finger, simply dab onto pulse points with a delicate touch. Apply to wrists, behind the ears and knees, or on the décolleté, and the scent will release all its sensuality.

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